Lori Food Dry

Nutravian LORI FOOD DRY is a complete food for nectar and pollen eating birds like lories, loricullus,… Nutravian Lorifood DRY has a high palatability and can be fed without any additions. The unique combination in sugars, fruit, proteins, vitamins and amino acids guarantees a perfect condition of your birds, Nutravian Lori Food DRY contains spirulina and pollen which support the health and resistance of your birds.

Composition: Various sugars, Bakery products, Vegetable protein extracts, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Minerals, Oils and fats, Beepollen (min 0,8%), spirulina (min. 0,25%).

Order information:

  • SKU 2004 – 0,5 KG
  • SKU 1005 – 1 KG
  • SKU 5005 – 5 KG