How to prepare Nutravian handrearing food

  1. Always use warm water temperature approx. 40°C +/- 1°C to prepare the formula. It’s advisable to use bottled water rather than tap water to prepare the formula.

When using cold water, the powder won’t dissolve well and there can be undisolved residues in the formula, this can block the syringe when feeding the baby bird. Excess pressure will then be needed to push the forumla through the syringe.  As a result you may soil the baby bird or even lose it when the formula gets into the bird’s trachea.

  1. For the preparation of the formula first take the warm water and then add it to the Nutravian powder.
  1. It is important is to mix the water and the powder very well to obtain a smooth mix. Once it is mixed let the porridge rest for some a short while (approx. 2min) so that the powder and water become a homogenous mixture, which is very important for feeding the babies.
  1. Depending the age of the babies, use the following powder to water ratio

On the day of birth administer only warm water or a very thin porridge (10 parts warm water to 1 part Nutravian powder), 2% to 5% of the body weight is required to fed to the bird.

The first complete feeding is done approx 24 hours after eclosion. For most species the rule is to feed 10% of the birds’ weight.

Day 1 : 1 part Nutravian 6 parts warm water

Day 2 – Day 3 : 1 part Nutravian 5 parts warm water

Day 4 – Weaning : 1 part Nutravian 4 parts warm water

  • Hygiene is very important when handfeeding baby birds. The babies are very vulnerable. Always clean and desinfect equipment before the next feeding.
  • Check that the crop is always empty before the next feeding
  • Prepare the formula always fresh before every feeding.

Tip : You can alway prepare the formula a bit thinner and give one feeding a day extra.