Handrearing HE

Nutravian handrearingfood HE is a high quality handrearing food for all kinds of baby birds with high energy and fat needs (e.g. African Greys, eclectus parrots, Macaws, Queen of Bavaria,…). It contains allnutrients to guarantee fluid growth and well-balanced development. The present pre- and pro-biotics and enzymes support the crop andintestinal flora, whereby all nutrients are perfectly digested. Nutravian handrearingfood retains its suspension, which is very important for a gooddigestion of the food.

Composition: Cereals, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Vegetable protein extracts, Minerals, Oils and fats, Various sugars,Milk-dirived products, Yeasts, Spirulina (min. 0,25%).

Order information:

  • SKU 2000 – 0,5 KG
  • SKU 1000 – 1 KG
  • SKU 5000 – 5 KG