Handrearing FR

Nutravian handrearingfood FR is a complete handrearing food for lories, figparrots,…. and other fruit eating birds like sparrows, jays, tura cos, toucans.

Nutravian contains all necessary nutrients to guarantee fluidgrowth and well-balanced development. The present pre- and pro-biotics support the crop and intestinal flora, whereby all nutrients are perfectlydigested. Nutravian handrearing food FR retains its suspension, which is very important for a good digestion of the food.

Composition: ducts, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Vegetable protein extracts, Varioussugars, Oils and fats, Milk-dirived products, Minerals, Beelpollen (min. 0,8%), Spirulina (min. 0,25%).

Order information:

  • SKU 2002 – 0,5 KG
  • SKU 1002 – 1 KG
  • SKU 5002 – 5 KG