Parrot nutribalance fruit

In the wild, parrots feed mainly with fruits, seeds, nuts,… Nutravian formulated two pellets to balance the diet of your parrots.

For an optimal functioning of their digestive tract grit also has to be disposable at all time.

Extruded pellets are the ideal supplement to their daily diet and will bring many extra’s to keep your birds in optimal condition. We advise to add the nutribalance pellets up to 50% of the daily ration, this also depending on the season of the year, the species,….

Parrots can be divided into two main groups:

  • parrots who need more energy and fatty diet like macaws, golden conures, palm cockatoos
  • parrots who need a lighter diet like amazons, pionus, galah cockatoos to avoid fattening.

Parrot nutribalance fruit

  • Complementary food for amazons, pionus and other parrot species who prefer a light diet.
  • With 7% and large variation of fruits like : papaya, pineapple, blueberry, banana,…
  • With 3% nuts coconut, peanut
  • With health supporting additives
    • Milk thistle = supports the functioning of the liver
    • Ginger = anti-inflammatory working, good blood circulation
    • Fenugreek : rich in saponines = protectors against bacteriae and fungus growth
  • Source of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements
  • Source of extra animal proteins thanks to added egg powder.

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