Ibis & Flamingo – Nutribalance maintenance

Ibisses are magnificent and interesting birds. The most known and attractive representant of the group is for sure the scarlet Ibis with its shiny red plumage.

Flamingos are adorable birds. The attractive colour, the way of behaving makes them very interesting. In the wild they filter feed on brine shrimp and algae as well as mollusks, crustaceans and small insects.

The red color comes from carotenoids they find in animal and plant plankton.

Nutravian developped a high quality pellet in cooperation with leading breeders and zoo’s, that meet the demand of these birds. Nutravian flamingo pellet contains all necessary nutrients to keep your ibises, flamingos, spoonbills,… in optimal condition and also guarantees a shiny pink coloration.

  • Complete food for Ibisses, flamingo’s, spoonbills,…
  • Rich variety in high quality krill, fish meal
  • With algae
  • Ideal ratio colorants for a bright and shiny plumage

Can be fed dry, floating or soaked


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